The Grey World – Revisiting the Story of ‘Death Note’ and the Low Glowing Brilliance of K-Drama ‘Stranger’

I've always been a fan of grey days. The world makes more sense to me when it's not overwhelmingly bright or impenetrably dark. There are very few things on this earth that are starkly black or white and I like when my days reflect this. It becomes a question. "What kind of day will this [...]

I Watched the Osomatsu-san Movie 3 Times this Week and it Still Wasn’t Enough

When I was a child, I could watch the same thing over and over again as if every time was the first time I was seeing it. Nowadays, I don't have the attention span for that kind of thing. So, when I say I watched the Osomatsu-san movie 3 times and I wish I had [...]

Fruits Basket’s Tohru Honda and her Path to Self-Acceptance

SPOILERS for the entire Fruits Basket manga. Tohru Honda, the kind-hearted, slightly oblivious heroine of Natsuki Takaya’s Fruits Basket, is a fascinating study of a self-sacrificing female character. Selfless heroines are common in anime and manga, but Tohru is particularly noteworthy because her development throughout the series serves as an example of growing up, coming to terms with one’s [...]